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    Passion and Excellence

    Every time we take on a new client – our first and foremost goal is to understand their business and their problems. In the understanding of their problems we then get to do what we love to do more than anything else – we get to help them solve those problems. It is in problem solving for our clients that we get to tap all of our potential, all of our resources, and all of our experience in the pursuit of a solution. It is here that we get to think, create, and innovate – it is here that we are at home.

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    Trust and Community

    A significant number of marketing companies take the “Mad Men” approach – lying and manipulating perspective for their clients gain. At AR we couldn’t disagree more with this – we believe that it is through truth and hard work that you gain trust. This doesn’t mean that you can’t put your best foot forward – it just means you can back it up with action. We would not be much of a company if we didn’t practice what we preach. That is why we actively engaged in the community around us – using our skills as marketers, innovators, designers, and planners – to help the community we live in. We actively and passionately support the arts, small business, and non-profit organizations the city over. We do this through unique ideas that are starting to have significant effects.

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    Elevate Calgary

    Arc Reactions is looking to enrich our community through supporting and engaging the non-profits and charities in the Alberta area, by developing a video competition called “Elevate Calgary”. The competition will provide charities with the opportunity to win approximately $32,500 in branding/marketing prizes. The grand-prize-winner will receive $10,000 in our brand management and mixed media marketing products and services, which may not only extend their support-base, but solidify the credibility of their organization (when they may not have the additional funding to do so).

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    Our Clients and Our Philosophy

    In just a few short years AR has grown from a small home office to an international marketing company capable to working almost 24/7. Our goal is simple – to make things that are complex simple for our clients – to take the ideas, passion, hard work, and innovation of our clients and translate that into powerful and purposeful graphic design, print, websites, video, and social media. This work that most people would call “creative” we call understanding - specifically understanding our clients and their clients.

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    Do you know the difference between professional web development and using premade templates or outsourcing? Your customer does. The creative quality, technical direction and feel of your web site is what ignites the attraction and sears the corporate branding on to the customer.

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    With the advent of the digital age consumers, customers, clients and fans have been bombarded by information in many formats. The deluge has been so consistent that those looking for information can afford to ‘flick’ through it at speed until they find something that engages with them.

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    The infinite power of social media has made the world a small place, and it’s getting smaller. It may seem like we are ‘just’ another Calgary Marketing Company, but we understand and exploit the power of something like social media as a force to be reckoned with in the global marketing arena.

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    Where does printing fit into a digital world? Don’t be fooled. It may seem that digital is the new black, but good quality, creative print will never go out of fashion. If holding a piece of paper in your hands didn’t make a difference, no one would send out wedding invitations anymore.

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    At Arc Reactions we think great professional photos grab the attention of your clients. Arc Reactions works to develop a visual image to help support your brand. Through our consultation process we can turn an idea into compelling photographs that resonate with your market.

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    How well does your company stand out in the online world? At Arc Reactions our goal is to find you the best customers online. In order to do this Arc uses the best marketing and social tools that put you at the top of your game.

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    Your brand should reflect your business. It's the first visual that customers see, and they have emotional response to those logos every day. With Arc Reactions we have clean, cutting edge, & refreshed designs.

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    One of the most under rated tools for keeping in touch with clients – email campaigns can not only remind customers that you still exist and are constantly evolving – they can also be an incredibly valuable source of information on the preferences of your consumer base.

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    Does your brand say what you want it to say? Arc believes empowering our clients with strong impacting brand recognition that can help build strong relationships with your customers. Branding is the process of creating a perfect image that reflects who you are as a company.


Calgary Office

322 - 11th Ave S.W. Suite 206
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2R 0C5

New Delhi Office

C-69, Ist Floor, Sarita Vihar,
New Delhi, India,

At Arc Reactions we see a significant part our job to you, as creative research.  Research is the backbone to some of the most spine chilling advances in our civilization – and we see it as fundamental to building your brand and defining your corporate image.  A strong and visible corporate image is imperative to business in Calgary, indeed in all businesses, but to build a strong branding image you need to work from an infrastructure of perceptive empathy. We believe that only after you truly understand something can you then be creative with it.  It is through this change in perspective – this paradigm shift – that we can help you express the best of your company through its branding and marketing strategy

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